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Matsui T: Endogenous Retroviral-Like Aspartic Protease, SASPase as a Key Modulator of Skin Moisturization.Treatment of Dry Skin Syndrome -The Art and Science of Moisturizers-Edited by Lodén and Maibach, Springer, Part 2: 179-192, 2012.



*Matsui T and Amagai M: Dissecting the formation, structure and barrier function of the stratum corneum. Int. Immunol. 27: 269-80, 2015. (*Corresponding author)


【Research Papers】

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Shishikura K, Kuroha S, Matsueda S, Iseki H, Matsui T, Inoue A, Arita M: Acyl-CoA synthetase 6 regulates long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid composition of membrane phospholipids in spermatids and supports normal spermatogenic processes in mice. FASEB J. 33:14194-14203, 2020.


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Wang J, Sekai M, Matsui T, Fujii Y, Matsumoto M, Takeuchi O, Minato N, Hamazaki Y: Hassall’s corpuscles with cellular-senescence features maintain IFNα production through neutrophils and pDC activation in the thymus. Int. Immunol. 31:127-139, 2018.


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