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Research (English)

“Mystery of Adaptive Evolution of Skin in Terrestrial Vertebrates”   

   Our research interest is in "epithelial evolution". Around 360 million years ago, the first terrestrial vertebrate, amphibians emerged from the water and adapted to the life on land. They evolved their surface multilayered epithelia into keratinized stratified squamous epithelia to prevent water loss and to protect the body from sunlight. Placing particular emphasis on this epithelium, we intend to uncover the mystery of "epithelial evolution"

Matsui T and Amagai M: Dissecting the formation, structure and barrier function of the stratum corneum. Int. Immunol. 27: 269-80, 2015.

Matsui T: Endogenous Retroviral-Like Aspartic Protease, SASPase as a Key Modulator of Skin Moisturization. Treatment of Dry Skin Syndrome -The Art and Science of Moisturizers-Edited by Lodén and Maibach, Springer, Part 2: 179-192, 2012.